Israel Keyes Serial Killer and Kellisue is it possible?


The breaking news across the US this week has revolved around serial killer Israel Keyes. Is it possible that Kellisue could be one of his victims? From 9-24-08 till 10-24-08 the whereabouts of Israel Keyes is unknown.  Keyes owns  ten acres on Poplar Street in Constable NY since 1997. It has been determined that he visited that property and passed through NY state on his way to Maine. We  hope that authorities can uncover all the sinister crimes Keyes committed.  The pictures below are of Keyes please look at him closely do you recognize him? There are so many unsolved missing persons cases in NY especially in the year of 2008. In April 08 Keyes admitted to  robbing  a bank in Tupper Lake which he confessed to in an Alaska prison.  We may never find Kelli if she was a victim,  we must keep faith and hope alive that the answers will come so that Kelli’s family can have closure and move on especially her young daughter who is missing her mom a lot right now.

My thoughts Kelli had car trouble, hood up in the middle of Amsterdam 10pm, a good looking man comes along and offers her help he is charming and convincing, gets her car started and tells her that he will follow her home, Kelli naive and vulnerable agrees. Her car breaks down again in Frog Hollow he takes her, and burns her car. He may have planned to take her upon arrival at her house if her car made it there, I think he was so sly she could’ve pulled in the driveway and he would’ve taken her and not been spotted. Many will disagree with this, everyone convinced her husband is involved, but after a lot of thought, Israel Keyes should be considered a suspect.



  1. I and many others feel it was her husband and his family that had here removed. She was terrified of him. She told her brother how her husband abused her and she wanted to leave him. He made it real clear that she could go but she was not taking their daughter. How soon people forget. And what about what the psyic said to the police. She sees a old fallen down shed, and jellies body would be found there. How soon people forget. It’s so easy to put the blame on a serial killer, it takes the blame away from the family. Wake up people.


  2. Keyes planned murders long ahead of time and took extraordinary action to avoid detection. Unlike most serial killers, he didn’t have a victim profile . He always killed far from home, and never in the same area twice. On his murder trips, he kept his mobile phone turned off and paid for items with cash. He had no connection to any of his victims. In the Currier murders, he flew to Chicago, and there rented a car to drive the 1000 additional miles to Vermont. He then used the murder kit he had hidden two years earlier to perform the murders.


  3. if you think this might have happened then why isnt it being checked out i knew her and something isnt right i would love to know where she is


  4. I feel this is the reason Kellis case hasn’t been solved. I definitely have a new set of eyes and a renewed hope that maybe Kelli will have closure maybe just maybe police will find what they need to link him to this and then we can put her to rest because we know he doesn’t keep his victims alive. awful outcome but better than not knowing


  5. At this point in time, I think that anything is possible. Call it coincidence, but maybe he did have something to do with it. I feel that no stone should be unturned, and we must follow every lead that we think could be in the realm of possibilities.


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