Facts about Kellisue


Loves her little girl
Active in the school her daughter attends
Loves to Crochet
Loves Nascar; Dale Earnhardt fan
Loves Jewelery
Favorite color purple
Loves Diet Pepsi
Young&The Restless
Grays Anatomy
Loves chocolate ice cream
Married Jayson  in April 24, 1999
W ith Jayson since 1997
Active member of Sir William Johnson Fire Station, Johnstown New York

Was working at Rite-Aid Amsterdam (flexible hours)

Loves unicorns

Lost her parents at a  young age

I wish I know where to actually to start looking for you again We have looked all over the Place for U and have not been able to


U here on Heavens Earth where  R U MY LOVE

Jayson Ackernect March 18, 2009 Facebook




  1. She could always make u smile….we miss u kellisue please if anyone knows anything please help her daughter and family have closure…the worst part is not knowing….leave a tip on the anonymous tip page…drop a letter to the police…we are begging anyone who knows anything stop being a coward and please let us know what has happened to kellisue. think about it this way if it was your family or yourself what would u do or want done for u.


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