1. If you are interested in getting help from a more unusual source, I can highly recommend Phil Jordan. http://www.philjordan.com/ At least, check him out. He has been very successful in assisting police departments and families with hundreds of missing persons cases. I have no connection with him at all, just know of him and his work. I hope and pray you and your family are able to find Kellisue and closure. God bless.


  2. You’re right- I had the wrong name. It was Minetti’s, NOT Ripepi’s. And Mr. Minetti was the one who left. Sorry- oldtimer’s setting in… I figure that at this point, even this vague possibility may help. I wish I lived there still so I could help. I’m too far away now.


  3. Are you sure? Because Ripepi’s is in St. Johnsville was never in Canajoharie that I know of and I am a local. Brdie maybe you could find out more info. I am a little confused. But after I get unconfused that’s a real good one to check


  4. I had family living in Amsterdam back then & remember hearing that Mr. Ripepi unexpectedly left the area at almost the same time Kellisue went missing. There was also a rumor that he left with a woman. I never heard a followup & I’m sure this is a false lead, but it’s something you could look into. Ripepi’s was the Italian restaurant on rt 30 in the vicinity of McDonald’s/Arnold ave. They had moved from Canajoharie. REAL long shot, but you asked for anything.


  5. i wish there was a way where we can find her and put her to rest if she is gone. i would like to know where my best frieend is also u dont know how much i miss her cause i use to talk to her and tell her what was going on with me and she did the same to me as well. i love u kellisue and i miss u alot also


  6. Please do not be afraid to leave us a tip even if you feel it might be stupid or not matter. Kellisue has been missing for over 3 years and we have not received anything information on her in so long. We have been pushing for the past month to generate some new information, or just some insight into Kelli’s life before she went missing.


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