Kellisue’s High School Diploma

Kellisue was born on December 16, 1972; to Joyce and James Kilcullen. They lived in a one family home on Old Trail Road in the Town of Johnstown NY. Kellisue grew up with her brother John who was two years younger than her. She has three other brothers that were raised in other homes due to family issues Tom Kilcullen, Christopher Clouston and William. She also has two sisters Beth Manchester and Toni Fonda whom she did not meet until her mother passed away.

Kellisue graduated from Fonda High School in 1992. She worked at Burger King. Kelli and Jayson Ackernecht became a couple in 1997. On April 24, 1999 they were united in marriage. They have a little girl together who is 13 years of age.

Kellisue was very active in the Sir William Johnson Fire Department in Johnstown, New York. She was also active in the PTA and other various activities at her daughter’s school. Kellisue is known to be a hard worker and went above and beyond what was asked of her. She was outspoken and not afraid to speak her mind.Kelli was known for her contagious smile.

Sadly the night of September 30, 2008 Kellisue went missing. Her car was found burning on W. Montgomery St. in the City of Johnstown NY No one has heard from her or seen her.

Kellisue was last seen at 9:35 p.m. leaving her job at Rite Aid on Route 30 and Market Street Amsterdam, Montgomery County, NY she was wearing tan slacks, a black shirt, new white sneakers, tan stockings and brown glasses. If you have any information, please call
The Johnstown NY Police Department (518) 736-4021

I know that Kellisue loves and cherishes her mom and dad. They have been deceased for quite sometime. I was able to find their birthdays and date of death, I am sure Kellisue would like to have a page in honor of her mom and dad.  Please look over your daughter wherever she  may be Joyce and James. May God bring peace and understanding to your Granddaughter. We will remember you as we remember Kellisue . We will not give up on her.

In Loving Memory of

Joyce B Kilcullen~ Mother to Kellisue
Birth Date: 30 August 1935
Death Date: 08 May 2004

James T Kilcullen~Father to Kellisue
Birth Date: 31 December 1941
Death Date: 19 August 2003

Random Facts about Kellisue

Loves her little girl
Active in the school her daughter attends
Loves to Crochet
Loves Nascar; Dale Earnhardt fan
Loves Jewelery
Favorite color purple
Loves Diet Pepsi
Young&The Restless
Grays Anatomy
Loves chocolate ice cream
Married Jayson  in April 24, 1999
W ith Jayson since 1997
Active member of Sir William Johnson Fire Station, Johnstown New York

Was working at Rite-Aid Amsterdam (flexible hours)

Loves unicorns

Lost her parents at a  young age

I wish I know where to actually to start looking for you again We have looked all over the Place for U and have not been able to


U here on Heavens Earth where  R U MY LOVE

Jayson Ackernect March 18, 2009 Facebook


One comment

  1. FindKellisue~ This is absolutely beautiful,as always!! You may have out done yourself this time, : )
    Let’s hope and pray the one person or persons who know what happen to Kelli,that night make a call. We know that there is one person at least, that knows what happen. Just one person,just one call. PLEASES do the right thing,


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