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Israel Keyes Serial Killer and Kellisue is it possible?


The breaking news across the US this week has revolved around serial killer Israel Keyes. Is it possible that Kellisue could be one of his victims? From 9-24-08 till 10-24-08 the whereabouts of Israel Keyes is unknown.  Keyes owns  ten acres on Poplar Street in Constable NY since 1997. It has been determined that he visited that property and passed through NY state on his way to Maine. We  hope that authorities can uncover all the sinister crimes Keyes committed.  The pictures below are of Keyes please look at him closely do you recognize him? There are so many unsolved missing persons cases in NY especially in the year of 2008. In April 08 Keyes admitted to  robbing  a bank in Tupper Lake which he confessed to in an Alaska prison.  We may never find Kelli if she was a victim,  we must keep faith and hope alive that the answers will come so that Kelli’s family can have closure and move on especially her young daughter who is missing her mom a lot right now.

My thoughts Kelli had car trouble, hood up in the middle of Amsterdam 10pm, a good looking man comes along and offers her help he is charming and convincing, gets her car started and tells her that he will follow her home, Kelli naive and vulnerable agrees. Her car breaks down again in Frog Hollow he takes her, and burns her car. He may have planned to take her upon arrival at her house if her car made it there, I think he was so sly she could’ve pulled in the driveway and he would’ve taken her and not been spotted. Many will disagree with this, everyone convinced her husband is involved, but after a lot of thought, Israel Keyes should be considered a suspect.


Anonymous Donor Offers Reward


An anonymous donor has offered a reward of $1000 for an exact location of Kellisue Ackernecht. The reward will be issued to the tipster after an official identification has been made by DNA or by producing a live and well Kellisue.

To provide a tip you can use the anonymous tip line and put your contact information so we can make the connection. An email can also be sent to Facebook can be utilized to also send in a tip.

We will hold a vigil for Kellisue to remember that she vanished 4 years ago leaving more questions than answers.

The vigil will begin at Rite Aid on Market St. in the City of Amsterdam NY on Sunday September 30, 2012  beginning at 9:30pm. We will then enter our vehicles at 9:45pm till 9:55pm. The night Kelli vanished she sat in her car for 10 minutes before leaving the parking lot.

We will then all make the drive to West Montgomery Street “Frog Hollow”  where we will hold a candlelight vigil and prayer.

Please join us either in Amsterdam or Johnstown, or both. To show Kelli’s family and friends the support from the community is still there.  The past few months awareness about Kelli and her case is spreading rapidly we hope this shows the night of her vigil.

The last vigils have been only family and a couple friends, very disheartening we hope the night of September 30 will be a great experience filled with love and light.

Faith, Love, and Hope remains our motto we have not given up on you Kellisue.


In This World

Sometimes things happen and we do not know the reason. God has his plans and his way of  balancing life. We may not understand or have answers. We must find faith and  inner strength. There must be peace now for Kellisue’s sake she needs us to take a step back re-evaluate and come up with a solid plan to find her. The next few months will be busy. There is a vigil planned for September 30 there are details on Facebook we will post the information when the date grows closer. We also plan on having another search with a spin this time we will include a search and investigation on whether Kelli relocated herself. All angles need to be explored.

We also have some new information which may link Kelli so Israel Keyes, who is accused of murder in Alaska. He was in NY in 2008 and may have passed through the Fulton/Montgomery County area.


The pictures below are of  Israel Keyes if you recognize him please call Johnstown Police 518 736 4021

The Truth Will Set You Free

Almost 4 years has slid by and not word or clue as to where Kelli might be.  There are so many ideas and theories but none of them brought Kellisue home. If you have the information of the whereabouts of Kelli please send an anonymous letter to law enforcement so there can be closure.  The justice and legalities do not matter. What matters most is locating Kelli alive or deceased. Please clear your conscious of this. We do realize someone out there knows something. She did not act alone. The answers are there we just need the person who knows to be brave and mail a letter.

Johnstown Police Department

PO BOX 160

Johnstown, NY 12095


518 291 9157


Ways to send an anonymous letter courtesy of  Marianna Boncek author of Gone Missing in New York

1) print out the envelope’s address. Some post offices no longer accept an envelope with no return address. Type a fake one.

2) Do NOT save the letter. Delete it immediately.

3) Do not touch the letter or the envelope. Use gloves.

4) Do not lick the envelope, use some other way of closing it. Drop the envelope in a post office box where there are no cameras. This is fairly easy. Most small, rural post offices do not have cameras on the outside. I urge you NOT to send an anonymous letter, but rather, do the right thing and come forward. However, for whatever reason, if you cannot come forward you can still do the right thing by sending an anonymous note. Please be as SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE so searchers can find Kellisue and bring her home. She has people who love her who would like to have some closure. You CAN do this.

You can also go to a lawyer and give the information to him/her. All conversations between a lawyer and his/her client are privileged. The lawyer cannot legally reveal who you are. If you do this, and the police have questions, they can safely be relayed between your lawyer and you. Do the right thing.

Missing you Foundation Radio Show


Tonight Blog Talk Radio will feature Kellisue’s case. Missing you Foundation is making this possible. We work close with this organization and have formed close friendship through our passion for missing people.  We appreciate helping our efforts to find Kelli and raise awareness about her case. Please tune in tonight at 8pm to take a closer look into our efforts to find Kellisue.


Each Day

Information about Kellisue’s life is unfolding slowly. Each day we hope to find out a little bit more. Maybe the puzzle will finally be solved. Our hope will remain strong. Do not be afraid to come forward with information or facts about Kellisue. If you have something to share please do. The information helps us humanize her and bring her to life. Life is a precious gift. Life should be protected. Sometimes things happen that cannot be changed. At this point in time Kelli’s case will probably remain unsolved even if she is found. The elements and time have surely swept away the crime scene. We are trying to find out about the tunnels under Johnstown.  We are trying to find friends and family who are willing to share a memory or information. We are trying to figure out who Kelli’s closest friends were when she went missing. We are trying to figure out what her state of mind was a week before she went missing.

The slide show below is a tribute to her life…

Peace Love Hope Kelli We WIll FIND YOU!


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Missing Person’s Day was an enlightening experience. The amount of people missing in New York State is shocking. Raising awareness for our missing loved ones is something we all have in common.  A day does not go by that we do not think of Kellisue.

Our next mission is one of hope we will hold a vigil location to be announced. This will be on or around June 18. Our hope is we have a good turn out. The past events have been disappointing. We need support and a lot of it. When the details are solid there will be an update here and an event posted in Facebook.

We would like to thank the Lyall’s and the Center of Hope for making Missing Person’s Day possible. Giving the missing a voice is important. We are grateful for the opportunity to  tell our story.

?Possible Search?

We are considering having a search for Kellisue on March 25, 2012  from 11am till 4pm. In the Johnstown area. We want to focus on some new areas of interest. If we can gather enough volunteers we will make a definite  announcement on the search and meeting area. We will not be focusing in the Frog Hollow area. If you would like to volunteer please leave a comment or send a message via facebook.


Truck Driver Theory

Kelli’s husband provided us today with the information that Kelli took off with a truck driver the night she vanished. Could it be Kelli is traveling the interstates with an unknown truck driver? We ask again for help from the public. Please notify the police or use the anonymous tip line provided here if you have any information. Kelli would look different now if she is still with us, she may be heavier, have long hair. We don’t know keep an open mind and keep your eyes open.  The slightest detail might make a difference. 



“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order” Carl Jung

English: Self-made photo of the Rite Aid locat...

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Worked a shift at Rite Aid Market Street Amsterdam New York

Tuesday September 30, 2008. Shift over 9:45

Was Kelli all alone at Rite Aid that night?

How was she?

How was she during her shift?

How was she the week before?

Can’t anyone come forward and speak?

Car found in flames “around 2am” Wednesday October 1

Kellisue gone… Vanished…

How does this happen and why?

We are supposed to live in a safe place.

Where bad things shouldn’t  happen and people shouldn’t  disappear !

Why isn’t the community shocked? A young mom is missing.

Please help us find Kellisue!  Tips are welcome !

Please find it in your hearts to reach out especially if you knew Kellisue!!! Many have but I know she touched many lives.

There is nothing  to be afraid of in coming forward the tip links on here will help you remain anonymous if you choose!