interesting fact

Almost 4 Years


Almost 4 years have gone by and not one word, not one whisper, not one sighting. What we do have after 4 years is about 5-10 pictures of Kelli, one video, and a lot of confusion.  We have had tips and interesting facts come up that have not been taken seriously.  Interesting fact there are two men in Fulton County with wives who went missing in 2008.  In 2008 3 women went missing from NY. There was a skull found in Danby VT over a month ago still waiting on information(probably not Kelli) but they need to check and make sure.  We need people to come forward, there is an anonymous tip link and yes you can write anything you want and no one knows who you are, its a completely secure site and will not compromise privacy. We need people to help us on March 25 in a quick search while the foliage is down.  WE NEED MORE PICTURES AND VIDEO OF KELLI!!