Today closure was brought to my attention, and what it means to Kellisue’s now teenage daughter. The question remains how can six years pass without any information. It’s clear to us that someone has information that will lead us to Kellisue and for reasons unknown to us they have remained silent all these years.  Our hope for the future is closure. Kelli if you are out there please contact your family. If someone out there has information that can lead us to Kelli please find a way to give us this information.  Even the smallest tip may lead us to her. Kelli’s daughter is old enough now to understand, and see the lack of support for her mom, all she wants is to find her mom, she really needs her and Kellis family needs her now  more than ever.




  1. She is not dead she just left the abuse. I believe eventually she will be home. Please be patient.


  2. sItting here reading this makes me sad, sad for everyone involved, especially her daughter, her family, her friends. I live in Amsterdam, and just recently drove through Frog Hollow, and tried to get any feedback from the area. I did not get anything. I feel that kelly sue did not even make it to Frog Hollow, I feel she met her demise, either shortly after getting in her car, or maybe she even made it home, and then met her demise. I’m not accusing anyone, but this is how I feel. I always bring up her dissapearence to many different types of people.. just to get their ideas. One man made a great point. He said that if Kelly were taken, and murdered, and then taken to the Adirondacks.. she would never be found.. because of it’s vast acreage, and deep woods. and wild animals. This sounds harsh, but I feel these are the things that the Police, FBI should be looking at. I have given some information to the police, that was passed down to me a few years ago.. but nothing no investigation, no warrant no nothing. The rite aid that she left that night, I used to get my prescriptions at… until I was abruptly and rudely, and in a disturbing way.. taken aside by a security officer accusing me of stealing. I was suffering from a severe low blood sugar and had forgotten about an item in my basket.. I tried ot explain, but he dint listen, and the manager, and the staff were very rude… this is after i had been a customer for many years, had conversations, they knew my illness.. etc. that day I was wearing a bikini, covered with a mini skirt and tank top, and have blonde hair. this man took all of my info, personal address, job, phone number.. and i had no choice to object, or faced with getting arrested. I have met many city workers here in amsterdam, and a few are a little off.. yes they deserve thier private life, but things that were said to me and suggested.. was very strange. Everything I say on here is true.. I am not lying.. I think of Kellie Sue, and look at her pictures and wonder what her last hours were like. I also wonder, if she is alive, as some suggest, why she isnt contacting her family.. Maybe she has a good reason, I just dont know. I watched her graduation video, and a few of my friends were at her graduation party.. so we were within the same circle of people somewhat. I truley feel that kelli sue has expired, and the mystery will come to light.. I also would like to put out there, that if someone is responsible for her dissapearance, something like this will surface. Therefore, anything you are achieving in life or have aquired so far in life will be useless to you. Additionally, Karma has a way of paying back, and last the good lord knows the truth, and he has a plan for you and had a plan for Kelli Sue.. I am asking that anyone who knows anything please send a letter.. anonymously to the authorities, her family, myself. just for closure. for her daughter and everyone that has been involved with this case. I sometimes fear that by making my comments and feelings known.. i may be in danger.. its scary that there is someone out there who is carrying around a secret that is damaging to so many people and their lives.I feel this case needs to be reopened, reexamined and reevaluated, and every clue taken in to consideration.. every piece of this puzzle put into place, and the missing pieces put in their place. Someone doesnt just decide to get up and leave one day, no trace, no nothing.. everything points to foul play. I feel that in this day, with all of forensics available to us.. and maybe re interviewing people who were close to her, even her daughter.. to see if something may point us in her direction.. Jason, I am sure would love to have closure, and to have the weight off his shoulders, both grief, guilt, assumption of guilt by others, has to be stressful. I pray someone will help give some clues. until then, its a waiting game for all of us.


  3. Thank you. I wish we could get a tip that will lead us, and if we do we may ask for your help again.Thank you for searching. I do not know what to do. Decided to take a break and let things sit and see if something would eventually happen. Kellis daughter is feeling her moms absence, and she wants her mom found, So on her request, we will reopen this up for discussion and again push for answers. Someone knows something


  4. I know you do not know me. I am Brittany Freese father. I helped look for her for many days with my dog and a few other people. I am very sorry about how this hole thing is. If you need help with anything please let me know. Thank you. You are all in out prayers. Chris Freese….


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