The past year NOTHING new has happened for the search for Kelli. We are empty handed and lack direction.

We are asking the community to keep their eyes open for remains or anything out of the ordinary as we go through the muddy season and have little foliage on the ground.

We are also asking the community to keep their eyes posted for Kellisue, at the store, on the streets etc. Her husband Jayson Ackernecht made claims she has been seen in Gloversville, NY  at least once a year since she went missing.

Kellisue if you are out there please make contact with your family my email address is send me an email we just need to  know you are okay. You have some family members who really need you in their life right now.

If someone has the information we need to bring her home send an anonymous letter to Johnstown PD with the information and location so they can find her and put this to rest. After 4 1/2 years I doubt there would be evidence to link anyone to a crime and I doubt law enforcement would put in the effort.  We just want to put her to rest if indeed she is no longer with us. Her daughter would probably love to stop guessing. If you have any dignity at all and know where she is TELL SOMEONE NOW!

We hope this new  year will bring closure. In faith love and hope.


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