* Attention Fulton / Montgomery County NY Residents*

Have you seen this man in our community? Please take a good look at his face. If you have reason to believe you have seen this man or had contact with this man please contact the FBI or local law enforcement. Israel Keyes is a known serial killer who has links to the Adirondacks and was known to travel through our area over the years. 1-800-CALL-FBI. Israel Keyes committed suicide in an Alaska Prison, he is no longer a threat. We are trying to time line his life and the time he spent in New York State.

have u seen this guy keyes1



  1. no one said he is in our area it has been posted he killed himself, we are trying to time line his life when he was in NY. Perhaps you are reading into this the wrong way.


  2. You can’t post things that are untrue….perhaps he is linked to Kelli’s disappearance but you can’t scare people into thinking there is currently a serial killer on the loose in our area. This guy committed suicide ten days ago while awaiting trial…you should be ashamed.


  3. his dead he committed suicide awaiting trial! he was caught in TX people need to stop freaking people out! you people need to get a life!


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