Thank you

The vigil has come and gone. We are grateful for the support we received that night. Kelli was there with us you could feel her energy. We are working on planning a small scale search if we can get enough people interested and willing to help.

Kelli’s daughter will be celebrating her birthday soon and we are putting together a box of gifts to drop off to her so she has some love and light on her thirteenth birthday. If you would like to contribute to the birthday box please send me an email or a facebook message


The petition reached 1050 digital  signatures and about 400 written signatures and is on it’s way to Kirsten Gilibrand  NY State Senate. Again we thank everyone for the support.

Kelli’s 40 th birthday is December 16, 2012 we were also thinking of pulling together and doing a pot luck dinner and cake to celebrate and to come together for her before the holidays.

There is still a reward for 1000$ floating around if you have information that will lead us to Kellisue you could be 1000$ wealthier !

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