A Day In The Life Of A Missing Person’s Family

”  Look in the cellar, look in the attic, look in the lake, look in the tunnel. Look at her friends, look at her husband, look at her family, look in the woods, look at a seriel killer, look in the swamp. Now imagine living in the Adirondacks with tons and tons of trees and lakes. I heard gunshots, I saw a fire. I saw nothing, nobody saw anything. No cell, no bank account usage, no social security usage. I saw bruises, he saw bruises, she saw bruises……now nobody has seen her in almost 4 years. Call the police, call the FBI, call the Missing Foundations, call in the K9 dogs, call in the cadavear dogs. This is a typical day in the life of someone who knows someone who is missing. Imagine if you left a child behind and the words that go through their mind on a daily basis. Imagine if you were in abuse and should have gotten out. Please now tell me where you think my missing cousin is…..for the sake of her little daughter and her brothers. I cannot thank the family spokesperson enough for dealing with all those questions on a daily basis. But she does~and she needs answers. All families of missing people need answers…………..Amen and Amen. Any info please call the tip line  leave an anonymous voice mail or text”. Quoted from one of Kelli’s family members.

518 291 9157

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