Hey Kelli

To Kelli,

At this moment in time you really need to contact someone and let them know you are okay. You do not know me I am just a concerned citizen who started helping and became one of your spokesperson’s and your voice since you obviously are missing. If you want to come back home and can at the end of this letter I will post a number that goes directly to my home phone you can leave a voice mail or text and we can go from there. I understand your need for privacy if you choose not to come back, just let us know you are okay and the search can stop and your daughter can seek you out if she chooses later on in life. We do not know what happened to you, but something happened that night after your shift.

If Kelli is no longer with us and the person who hurt her is out there please lead us to her some how, send an anonymous tip use the number posted at the end of this.  One small clue one hint as to where to find her. Her child needs to know. More than anyone that is who hurts the most in this. 4 years is a long time not to know.

Anonymous contact number

(518) 291-9157

Leave a text or voice mail ….

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