In This World

Sometimes things happen and we do not know the reason. God has his plans and his way of  balancing life. We may not understand or have answers. We must find faith and  inner strength. There must be peace now for Kellisue’s sake she needs us to take a step back re-evaluate and come up with a solid plan to find her. The next few months will be busy. There is a vigil planned for September 30 there are details on Facebook we will post the information when the date grows closer. We also plan on having another search with a spin this time we will include a search and investigation on whether Kelli relocated herself. All angles need to be explored.

We also have some new information which may link Kelli so Israel Keyes, who is accused of murder in Alaska. He was in NY in 2008 and may have passed through the Fulton/Montgomery County area.


The pictures below are of  Israel Keyes if you recognize him please call Johnstown Police 518 736 4021

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