Dial 518 291 9157 to free yourself

To Kellisue, or the person or persons who knows where she is.  We have set up an account through Google voice, which allows us to receive voice mails and texts.  the number is 518 291 9157. Please call and either let us know you are safe. If someone has information on the whereabouts of Kelli please call or text and leave the information so she can be found. There will be no justice only closure in knowing where she is. 518 291 9157  please block your number when calling if you would like to remain anonymous.

Someone knows something Kelli either left with help, or was taken against her will either way she did not vanish into thin air


  1. Kelly, I look for you everyday on the way to work. Your daughter needs some answers. Her Mom was her life. Please if you are out there call the number listed, or if someone knows anything about where Kelly is, please call . Ashley needs to know. Do this for the sake of the child. Her mother loved her more than anything else, and would not just walk away, without her.


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