The Truth Will Set You Free

Almost 4 years has slid by and not word or clue as to where Kelli might be.  There are so many ideas and theories but none of them brought Kellisue home. If you have the information of the whereabouts of Kelli please send an anonymous letter to law enforcement so there can be closure.  The justice and legalities do not matter. What matters most is locating Kelli alive or deceased. Please clear your conscious of this. We do realize someone out there knows something. She did not act alone. The answers are there we just need the person who knows to be brave and mail a letter.

Johnstown Police Department

PO BOX 160

Johnstown, NY 12095


518 291 9157


Ways to send an anonymous letter courtesy of  Marianna Boncek author of Gone Missing in New York

1) print out the envelope’s address. Some post offices no longer accept an envelope with no return address. Type a fake one.

2) Do NOT save the letter. Delete it immediately.

3) Do not touch the letter or the envelope. Use gloves.

4) Do not lick the envelope, use some other way of closing it. Drop the envelope in a post office box where there are no cameras. This is fairly easy. Most small, rural post offices do not have cameras on the outside. I urge you NOT to send an anonymous letter, but rather, do the right thing and come forward. However, for whatever reason, if you cannot come forward you can still do the right thing by sending an anonymous note. Please be as SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE so searchers can find Kellisue and bring her home. She has people who love her who would like to have some closure. You CAN do this.

You can also go to a lawyer and give the information to him/her. All conversations between a lawyer and his/her client are privileged. The lawyer cannot legally reveal who you are. If you do this, and the police have questions, they can safely be relayed between your lawyer and you. Do the right thing.

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