Days Upon Days

We have been back to the beginning, the scene of the car fire, Rite Aid in Amsterdam and through the woods and over the hills looking for Kellisue.  What we have uncovered during this journey is accounts of Kelli’s life from other people. Stories how her high school life was hard. Stories of domestic violence, affairs,  financial woes. We have also heard stories of Kelli’s laugh,her love for her child, and her dedication to working hard. We have seen the graduation video, and a few snap shots of her life.  We know she has people in this world who miss her and that would go to the ends of the Earth for her. We have a police force who feels her life was so bad she could not take it anymore ; so she just took off.  Everyone has their own theory and their own ideas. We keep our minds open to any and all possibilities.

If you have seen Kellisue Ackernecht or heard from her please let us know.  We need to know she is safe.

The search will continue, our hopes will remain high ! We will find out what happened to you Kellisue.


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  1. i was unable to make it too the last two meetings with everyone due to work.. but i have an idea… as that I work at kingsborough golf.. we have a dining area in the back that virtually goes unsed.. I have usually thursdays off.. maybe we could meet there.. inbox me if your interested…


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