Kellisue Awareness Night

Monday June 18, 2012 we are hosting a Kellisue awareness night. This event will bring family and friends together to help raise awareness  about Kellisue and also a time for brainstorming and talking about her next search and where we go from here.

We will meet at Burger King on Comrie Ave in the City of Johnstown, NY   from 6pm-8pm

We are asking everyone to create their  own poster board for Kellisue or come join us and offer support for Kelli and her family.
We will pass out posters that need to be distributed throughout the community. We will also stand on the side of the road on route 30 and hold up posters for Kellisue hoping the generate a tip and awareness. We have never tried this before, we are hoping for a good turn out and lots of support.

If there are any questions please send an email to leave your name and number we can call you back.

facebook is also a great tool for contacting us regarding kellisue. We thank everyone in advance for the support.


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