Support Needed

September 30, 2012 will mark 4 years since Kelli was last seen. We are still seeking information about Kellisue.

There are several ways to offer support.  If there is information that family or police need to know please use the anonymous tip link.

The tip link is overseen by the family spokespersons who work with closely with Kelli’s brothers and the Kilcullen family.

Facebook is another way to offer support or make contact with family.

Some information we are looking for is how was Kellisue the week before she went missing. What was going on in her life and who were here close friends. Was she depressed? Sick? Happy? Hyper?

Did Kellisue use recreational drugs or alcohol ?

Did Kellisue smoke cigarettes?

Where did she normally get gas?

Did she borrow money or owe money?

Did she have a lot of bills?

Did Kellisue have any dreams such as college or a better job?




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