Adirondacks and Missing People

Drive north out of Johnstown, New York  on route 30, for about 40 minutes and you’ll end up deep within the Adirondack Park. The park is a vast wilderness, through curvy mountain roads, and beautiful scenery.

Yesterday I spent some time in Adirondacks hiking and looking at scenery. The thing that came to mind as we drove to our destination was how deserted and isolated the area really is. We drove on  30  near Indian Lake, NY we  did not see many cars and very few people.  My fear for all the missing people in NY is this wilderness its vast darkness and desolation could nearly swallow a person and hide all the clues.  There are caves, trees, hills, rocks and wildlife. This area is indeed “wild” as one source would put it. 

I pray Kellisue is found. We do not know where to start anymore. Every twist and turn in her case is a lot like the Adirondacks, wild and forever changing, dark and vast .

Tuesday night on September 30, 2008 Kelli walked out of her job at Rite Aid around 9:45pm. 

 October 1,2008 1:48 am Car found burning on West Montgomery St. in the town of Johnstown, New York

3:00 am Car towed to undisclosed location in the City of Johnstown

October 9, 2008  foot search for Kellisue

The first 48 hours they believe Kellisue ran off with some guy. I wonder why they didn’t have questions or consider her a suspect and place a warrant on her to bring her in for questioning. Basically she left the scene of an accident and did not report an accident. A car catching on fire is a good reason to call 911.  Were there any 911 calls on September 30- October 1 . What was happening in our area during this time.

If you have seen Kellisue or have any information please contact your law enforcement agency or leave us a message and we can contact law enforcement.



  1. I don’t think that she is in the Adirondaks, for some time after her disappearance, hew husband went toward the Fort Plain area via the West Main street way.(about 2 weeks after )


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