What we Know

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We know there are tunnels in the frog hollow area in the City of Johnstown, NY. We know pieces of Kelli’s car can still be recovered from where it burnt. We know the area of Frog Hollow is full of ledges and cliffs and not all of them have been checked.  We know that acquiring the communities support is impossible. We know that the search and efforts have been led by Kelli’s brother and other supporters. We know that using social media has opened up many outlets for us. We know that we will not give up HOPE !

If I was to try and list all we don’t know the post would be too long and no one would read


With out these supports in place our quest becomes harder and the burden becomes heavier.

A child is missing her mom. She goes to bed at night probably wondering what, when why and how.  She is helpless in the search for her mom because she is too young to understand. One day this little girl will grow up and she will start the search for her mom if she has not been found. The circumstances and the mixed stories she has been told and  seen trough media, Facebook etc will spark her curiosity  about her mom. Who once was there for her and a BIG part of her life. For 9 years. I would imagine Kelli is still a big part of her life but its an internal thing or a spiritual thing. Faith Love and Hope we can bring Kelli home to her daughter.


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