Stepping Back

A couple years ago we received a strange tip about Kelli. 

I had driven up to Hope Falls, N.Y. and that was a day I may have signed a conservation department register Hope Falls, N.Y. which would be a reference to a lot of other people seeing her that day which would have had to be the case as her poster is all over. I was driving down south from Hope Falls NY when I saw her in Northville NY just before the bend east on old route 30 and probably stopped at Stuarts for a cup of take out coffee which I usually do and frequently stop at the Northville super market. Now the supermarket meat and poultry and fish is frequently a little seasoned, with everything else they sell o.k. and I do not know the reason for this they are probably trying to improve this but to get meat fish and poultry I know an individual from Hamilton County to the north with a county full time population of 2,500 year round and the second largest in area county in NYS has to go to Gloversville-Johnstown NY or Amsterdam NY. And for many other goods and merchandise and services. There are many many camps in Hamilton County NY owned by people from all over that are closed in physically and closed off by sight by trees and flora and gated off. One of these camp owners may have had on and off conversations with Kelly Sue at the drug store she managed nights when he was in Amsterdam, NY shopping or on business. He may have a wife and children in New York City who are not interested in the camp. Kelly sue may have told him of her marital troubles and he said she could live at his camp in Hamilton County NY. Just call him. Kelley sue at the time of her disappearance knew he was at his camp. From Leader Herald newspaper articles I gain Kelly sue was the main family bread winner. What she did the night of September 30 was a message to her husband that the car engine was ruined and no more work at the Amsterdam drug store to win more bread with the car gone. She would thus not be missed. And goodby. But she poured too much gas on the engine and the fire thus spread beyond the engine engulfing the vehicle. She was long gone hiking down the old FJ&G RR tracks (trail for hiking) and undertook a two hour walk down the trail to Fonda NY waited for the first light in the sky and with a coat and hood for the 45 degree temperature walked to a pay phone and called her friend at his camp thus keeping him out of trouble. Simply a Fonda woman not noticed particularly calling a friend to go to work. She went back on the trail and waited untill he arrived. And they went up to his Hamilton County camp. He went back to his business and family in New York City. Neither did much reading of the Leader Herald. And if that is her (unless she has an identical genetic twin or 1st cousin – there may be many kilcullens) taking in the prettiest part of Northville on the hill above the Sacandaga Reservoir – and maybe shopping in Northville – not much changed between October 2008 and Spring 2009. The Johnstown Police chief says she is going to turn up. And I would say she has already in view of dozens and dozens of people in Northville NY this spring 2009. Yet somehow women manage to have many identical twins same facial features, same body build, same 5 foot 10 body height but on the height fewer that tall and the Northville woman I saw the twin of Kellysue is 5 foot 10 inches about 35 years old slender with very good build. A very attractive woman looking very healthy and in good spirits.

Tip was written by an educated Gloversville, NY man with a Master’s in sociology.  Knowing who the author is and some of his background, we find ourselves back at this tip and re-looking at the information with in the text. Could this be true? We just do not know, but out of everything we received the information above is some of the most interesting stuff we have received.  We are taking some steps back, in hopes to uncover something new. Kelli vanished 3 1/2 years ago on a dark cold night at the end of September, where could she be?  If  anyone has information on the whereabouts of Kelli please contact law enforcement or the family.


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