The Next Search and Updates

   Spring is almost here. We have decided to organize and plan another search for Kellisue.

Some updates.

There have been a couple tips that are being investigated.

We have some video footage of Kellisue from her graduation we are transferring to DVD.

We are still in search of pictures or yearbooks.

There will be a June candlelight vigil for Kellisue the date to be announced.


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3 Responses to The Next Search and Updates

  1. sandy2152 says:

    I pray that nothing like this ever happens for my family but if it did I would want you by my side. You are very welcome


  2. teamalex says:

    They have all become family, I can’t give up on her never. Kelli needs to be found one way or another 😀 Thank you for the kind comment.


  3. sandy2152 says:

    your devotion to Kellisue and her family has touched my heart in so many ways. If anyone can find her I know it will be you. You are relentless! I pray that the clues show something so the police will work harder on this case.


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