Truck Driver Theory

Kelli’s husband provided us today with the information that Kelli took off with a truck driver the night she vanished. Could it be Kelli is traveling the interstates with an unknown truck driver? We ask again for help from the public. Please notify the police or use the anonymous tip line provided here if you have any information. Kelli would look different now if she is still with us, she may be heavier, have long hair. We don’t know keep an open mind and keep your eyes open.  The slightest detail might make a difference. 




  1. I have asked him to explain it further but he hasn’t maybe he will be at the search and maybe he can help clarify. If that is true I would love to find her.


  2. It seems very odd to me that her husband is now saying she took off with a trucker just when they are going to search in a new place for her..very odd


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