“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order” Carl Jung

English: Self-made photo of the Rite Aid locat...

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Worked a shift at Rite Aid Market Street Amsterdam New York

Tuesday September 30, 2008. Shift over 9:45

Was Kelli all alone at Rite Aid that night?

How was she?

How was she during her shift?

How was she the week before?

Can’t anyone come forward and speak?

Car found in flames “around 2am” Wednesday October 1

Kellisue gone… Vanished…

How does this happen and why?

We are supposed to live in a safe place.

Where bad things shouldn’t  happen and people shouldn’t  disappear !

Why isn’t the community shocked? A young mom is missing.

Please help us find Kellisue!  Tips are welcome !

Please find it in your hearts to reach out especially if you knew Kellisue!!! Many have but I know she touched many lives.

There is nothing  to be afraid of in coming forward the tip links on here will help you remain anonymous if you choose!


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