Love, kindness, and humility

We go into the new year with new found hope.   We are grateful for the out pour of support.  Kellisue you are loved and missed. We hope for the new year to bring the answers and closure that is needed. If you have seen Kellisue please leave a comment or call you local law enforcement.

Kellisue Ackernecht (Kilcullen), 36 of Johnstown, NY was last seen on September 30, 2008 leaving her job at Rite-Aid in the City of Amsterdam at approximately 9:40PM.  At 1:53AM on October 1, 2008 the vehicle that Kellisue drove to work was found burned beyond recognition, in Frog Hollow (just off of W. Montgomery Street) about 3 blocks from her home in Johnstown.


If you have seen Kellisue and/or have ANY information on her whereabouts, PLEASE contact Johnstown Police at 518-736-4021.  Even the smallest detail may be helpful.

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