Dear Kellisue

Dear Kellisue,

Yesterday was your birthday. Your facebook wall was filled with many birthday greetings from across the US. I hope you can see the many people who wish you would just come home.  We do not know where to look or what to do.

Three years is a long time spent away from the ones who love you. If by  chance you are reading this,  we hope you will find it inside yourself to contact someone  to say I am okay. Not knowing if you are alive or dead is the hard part. We hold onto hope.  If you are  scared ,  don’t be, no one expects you to come back to your old life. Your safety is our main concern. The what. how and why doesn’t matter anymore.   The only explanation we seek is I am okay stop searching. The best gift this year would be knowing .

Merry Christmas wherever you are Kellisue.  We will not give up.


Family and friends

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