We are almost on the 3 year mark of Kellisue’s mysterious disappearance. The questions still linger, and the mystery remains. Where are you Kellisue, and when will the answer to everyone’s question unveil itself from the grips of the unknown? The clock has not stopped ticking time has not stood still. The memories of you linger in portion of cyberspace, your site has become a reference and a place to keep you alive . If we had a wish it would be to have your story told on national television in hopes that a tip or a clue will reveal itself through the airing of your story. We have not been able to achieve that goal. Feeling utterly defeated we abandoned the thought of Kellisue’s story being told through our national networks. We have chosen to keep a facebook open and this website updated, and will hold a yearly vigil for her . Please remember a mom is missing, she is a wife, sister, daughter, niece, she is someone’s friend, co-worker, the list is endless.

The mystery remains, why did the car burn?

What happened to Kellisue on September 30, 2008 when she walked out of work?

Please help us remember Kellisue share her site and her story ……


  1. Kellisue, you will never be forgotten. There are those who still question and seek answers. We might not have those answers yet but we will never give up on the hope that one day all the pieces will fall in place.


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