New Hopes in 2011

As we enter 2011, we have renewed our hope that soon there will be answers to the mysterious disappearance of our friend Kellisue. We have not given up and soon the opportunity to  search some new areas will present itself with the upcoming spring. We also plan on attending New York State Missing Person’s day to give Kellisue a voice, and to help represent her and raise awareness about her case. We realize the community has forgotten but a few of us haven’t, we will continue to be her voice until the day she is found. Kellisue if you are out there contact someone, in September it will be 3 years, your family and friends need closure. You are missed. We will continue until the puzzle is solved. If anyone has information about Kellisue please send an email or call call local law enforcement.

One comment

  1. This makes me sad, I remember a friend whom we haven’t seen for a long time without any communications. This is the hardest part, where in you don’t know where they are or if they are okay. I just wish she’ll come back soon.


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