As the Seasons pass by

The seasons pass by so quickly. Kellisue had another birthday on December 16, 2010, another Christmas is about to pass by,  time is not holding still, and yet the question remains where are you Kellisue? We have not forgotten you, and refuse to give up hope that soon we will know. Happy Holidays Kellisue wherever you are . May the brightest star in the sky lead you back home. If anyone has information on Kellisue Ackernecht please contact law enforcement or her brother Tom Kilcullen 518-527-3444. Kellisue if you are out there and see this call your brother he needs to hear from you.

One comment

  1. Kal-It was just as we predicted.If nothing was done on our(yours & I) end for Kelli’s Bday Absolutely NOTHING would be done. The A’s probably didn’t even remember,Jayson wouldn’t part with 3 dollars for candle or card. Even in the best interest of his daughter.She should be allowed,encouraged even to celebrate her Moms Bday. Don’t forget he still has the money they swindled out of the 50/50 raffle. There is such a level of dysfunction there in that house?? Unbelievable!!


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