Utter frustration


Two years ago a Johnstown woman,  walked out of her job at Rite Aid in Amsterdam New York got into her car and a few hours later she was gone, with out a trace.

The community showed very little interest then and show very little interest now. Not sure where to go which way to turn, or what angle to look at. We have looked at her case with an open mind, and we can’t make heads or tails of her life or the days leading up to her disappearance.

We stand at a crossroads, not sure where to go or what to do. Do we give up, just walk away and let everything figure itself out? Do we keep looking? Do we keep on doing what we are doing?  Without feedback or support I find it very difficult to answer these questions.  Kellisue with out a doubt if you are out there let me know, or let someone know. I can promise you no one is going to make you come home, but you really need to let us know you are okay. WE WILL STOP LOOKING FOR YOU and move on. JUST LET US KNOW.  Your daughter needs to know so that she can grow up with out all this speculation hanging over her. You left a lot of unanswered questions, but the main question is if you are okay.


  1. I hesitate to answer for a split second because I know that those who have been & are searching for Kellisue are frustrated & tired, but I NEED to ask- if this was YOUR family member that disappeared, would you want everyone to stop looking? I know I wouldn’t.

    Look- I know deep down in my soul what I believe happened to her & who did it, but that doesn’t mean the search for her should stop. If noithing else, go over what’s already been done & look for anything that’s been missed.

    A suggestion- try to find people born & raised in the area who used to hang out with Jason & see if there are places that where he used to play that only the kids knew about. Ask locals (her brothers could help with this) if they mknow of any old wells, cisterns, places in the woods where houses used to be but are no longer there, or anything else. Go to the building dept. & ask to see property maps & see if the town historian would know of any places. I’d do it, but am over 300 mi. away & have been very ill recently.

    I ask you that are still searching to PLEASE never give up searching for her, in the name of each & every missing person in the USA.

    Remember- this could be YOUR family member missing.


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