We do not remember days; we remember moments

We are working on re-tracing Kellisue’s steps from September 23, 2008 thru September 30, 2008. If anyone has any information about Kelli during these dates please add a comment or send a message to findkellisue@usa.com

We are also working with CUE Center  http://www.ncmissingpersons.org/

We will be hosting a rally stop for them in late August in Johnstown, New York. CUE center is helping us obtain a large billboard for Kellisue. We have to raise the funds to have the billboard printed. At the rally stop we plan on having t-shirts, and a basket raffle in order to raise the printing fee for the billboard. Our goal is to raise 500.00 dollars. If anyone is interested in donating time or a basket, please send an email or leave a comment. I will update with the address of the rally stop, the date and the time. We will not give up on you Kellisue; you have not been forgotten.

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