Dear Kelli…

Kelli, If you were to come back today; everyone would be happy just knowing you are okay. We understand and no one is mad. 20 months is a long time.

Your brother Tom does well he does not give up on you. John tries but since you went missing, he is very emotional about you and has a hard time. Chris comes up when he can, he has searched and searched for you too. Your sisters Beth and Tony do what they can. They are saddened by your absence. Kim expressed to me how much she misses you.

Your daughter is thriving and I believe a very busy little girl; she has her Aunt Kim there for her and Jayson does his best by her, her Gramma and Step Grandpa “Ben” also love her dearly and see she does not go with out.

There has been so much confusion they can’t sort any of it out. Makes a united effort to find you hard, and has literally put a wall between the two families. Which makes the effort to find the truth impossible. There is no communication between your siblings and Jayson’s family or your daughter. I do not believe any of them intended for this kind of out come but these are the hurdles we have been faced with.

There is so much speculation actually too much speculation If you are okay let Detective Gilbo know; he is at the Johnstown Police Department. 518 736 4021. He is a very nice guy and very worried about your well-being and safety. If you have a new life and do not wish to come back, that is your choice, but only fair you let someone know. Your brother Tom’s number 518 527 3444. my contact email. We hope you are safe and hope you see this message and you just let us know. My door is open to you if you need a place to come home to.

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