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Kellisue will be represented on Sunday April 11, 2010 at New York State’s Missing Person’s day. Kellisue is still missing. We are hoping for some answers and closure; until that day comes we will continue to raise awareness; and keep  faith, love and hope.  Below is a link to Kelli’s new missing poster; we have hung them around our community; only to have them taken down. If you would like to help please print and hang a missing poster in your community for Kelli. Thank~you!

Kellisue’s Missing Poster


  1. I am always thinking about you and what has slipped away from us. You are always in my thoughts and prayers each and every day. I am hoping to god that we find you and you may rest in piece.


  2. I am getting the same things,virus’s sent to me from that same someone.I have been sending them back to him & will be reporting them the next time it happens. What an A-hole he is. He is totally worthless! All he can do is get in the way of anyone trying to find Kelli, its not going to work for much longer now though is it???


  3. I hope on missing persons day you let it be known that the JPD have been sitting on a Lead re: Kellisue that they have not done a damn thing with for almost (2) damn weeks now. Jayson might have been right when he said in the beginning he someone in the JPD in his back pocket right? Sounds like he did or still does!!
    If I lived in the City of Johnstown or even NY State I would be so angry & insulted to think if it were my Mother,friend, sister, Wife,cousin, etc sitting,out there in the woods and the damn police can’t be bothered to check out this lead.Makes you wonder how many other leads they have ignored in the past doesn’t it? What are ya’ll paying the JPD for anyway???
    Good Luck and PLEASE I pray you never lose any one in Johnstown,as the police will not find it important enough to look for you.


  4. Now I am getting viruses sent to my facebook and my email box. Seems every-time a certain someone is around their uncle there is always a trouble or no cooperation. I have asked for a wedding picture for 6 weeks now, all he has to offer is excuses, when we are in the same building 3 days a week so I made it very easy for him to support his wife with no EFFORT, but I guess I know now not ask, and when I am at missing persons day I will make sure that it is known about the ZERO cooperation I received for Missing Persons Day, for her search, for her vigils. I am saddened by the actions


  5. Taken down??? You don’t say. Gee- I wonder who did that? It COULDN’T have been her ever loving (NOT) husband or some of his family members, could it? (Cough, cough)

    Funny how the person who supposedly loved her & should be the one diswrought about her being missing is the one who seems to care the least. Shades of the Laci Peterson case???

    If I sound sarcastic, I am, AND angry. How DARE anyone take them down. PLEASE put them back up & KEEP putting them up.

    GRRRR! Now my Irish is stirred up! I’m far away, but support you in spirit.


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