1. Kellisue, I never met you, but know from people I trust that DID know you that you are honest, kind, loving… and wherever you disappeared to, people will never stop looking for you until the mystery of your disappearance is solved. Although I am far away, I won’t stop ‘rattling the cages’ of people that aren’t far away until you’re found. I’ll support everyone who’s searching for you & when I get back into the area, I’ll look in a few places I know of in the area in hopes of finding anything I can find to do with you & where you are. Please don’t give up- those of us whose hearts you have touched will NEVER give up. And I will NEVER stop standing up to those who try to discourage searching for you by intimidation & lies.

    To those who hold the candle of hope in your hearts for Kellisue- NEVER stop searching. Every time you walk through the woods, drive through any areas surrounding Gloversville or anything else you can think of, keep your eyes open. You never know where you might see something.


  2. My thoughts are free to go anywhere, but it’s surprising how often they head in your direction. ~Author Unknown


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