As we wait

It would be nice to have an open forum  to figure out what happened to Kellisue. Please feel free to express your thoughts and feelings, but do so with taste. Please remember other ‘s feelings when you hit that comment button.  Kellisue is missed dearly. Closure is needed. Here is the new email for this site. Please use this email if you have information or questions regarding Kellisue or her case. Family tip line  206-338-7878 will be checked once a week privacy will be respected.

The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is at all comprehensible.” –Albert Einstein (1879-1955)


  1. An older man not linked to the first “rumor” left the tip about North Hampton. Not sure his motives for making the claim he saw her. It could’ve been for website traffic. Send an email I will link you up.


  2. Has anyone gotten together a timeline of her movements yet? (besides for the PD)

    Think about it- was her normal habit to stop anywhere on the way home, like Price Chopper (out of the way) or anywhere else? I highly doubt it. What are the chances that she could get kidnapped & the car be dumped in the other direction from her house? Long shot.

    Then- just suppose- what’s chances of her coming all the way back to Gloversville to meet with her supposed (ghost) lover, take her car to a remote spot (very near her house) & take chances of getting caught setting her car on fire. Near her own house where her husband is? Why not just jump in the ghost boy’s car & motor away into the night? All they’d have had to do is jump on the thruway & head whichever direction they’d want & noone would know any differently. The DUMBEST thing for her to do would be to drive all the way home, go to a remote place, & torch her car. Maybe certain persons would like everyone to believe it, but I, for one, don’t. Not for .001 second.

    AND- the matter of Kellisue just up & leaving her daughter like that? From what I hear, she was a very loving, excellent mother. No way, no how would she do that.

    OK- they did a search- I assume that nothing of hers was found anywhere near the car & any evidence in the car was burned? Was there any evidence that her purse was in the car?

    Also- WHO was the person that supposedly saw Kellisue in Northampton? I never did find that out, but I’d bet money that it could be backtracked to the same ones that perpetuated the run-away rumor, & keep telling us to go away. that just makes me want to look even more.

    What other suggestions/ideas does anyone else have?


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