Never Give Up!
Race:     White
Sex:     Female
December 16, 1972
Height:     5′ 10″
Weight:     135 pounds
Eyes:     Brown
Hair:     Brown
Last Seen:     Date: 09/30/2008

Time: 9:35 p.m.

Leaving her job at Rite Aid

Route 30 and Market Street

Amsterdam, Montgomery County, N.Y

last seen wearing:

tan slacks, a black shirt, new white sneakers,

tan stockings and she was wearing brown glasses.

If you have any information, please call:
City of Johnstown Police Department
East Main Street, Johnstown, N. Y.
Phone:     (518) 736-4020

or e-mail the information to:


  1. Speak-now,The reason there are not any posters around Johnstown any more is because they were all taken down by some one related to Kellisue.

    There were also posters put up at F-M community college on the bulletin boards and Jayson was seen taking them all down along with the special push pins that were used to put them up with. Why,no one has a good answer why he would do it! Does anyone else have an answer??


  2. Fantastic job on this site. Goes to prove it it not a member of Kellisues family. They haven’t done anything for her on their own since she disappeared,nor paid for anything since she disappeared,not even put up a ribbon on what what her home.

    As a detective who works strictly with missing people once said. “If you do not have the full involvement and support of the ALL families INVOLVED, how do you expect to get the full involvement and support of the community?”
    These two families have done nothing but fight,throw stones, and point fingers at each other since the begining. I think that is why there has been such a lack of cummunity support. I have heard people have actually seen Kimberly A taking down posters of Kellisue. If that is the case then there goes your community support.When the husband cannot show up for a search then its hard to expect people who do not know her to do so.
    Its is so sad to begin with,then to have that makes it even sadder.
    Glad there is this site for her,as if it were left up to either of her families. I think poor Kellisue would have long been forgotten. Its so very sad. I hope someone will call that # with a hint,or message or something that will help.
    Great job here,AMAZING work!!!


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