Leaving Behind

When I think of the endless conversation and speculation about Kellisue I wonder if it is possible  she was tired of her old life and ready for a new one? Is this possible? I think so.  The United States is a big place and I think it would be very easy to blend in, in a large city or tourist trap, where people generally would not take notice to someone like Kelli. Everyone says Kelli would not leave her daughter. Has anyone explored the thought she did leave her daughter?  Taking her child with her under the circumstances would be a kidnapping case, and if someone wanted to start a new life  they wouldn’t want to draw attention to their old life.  I did a google search of how to start your life over from scratch, there were too many results to go through them all. It is very possible that Kelli is somewhere else under a new identity.  I just wish we knew for sure.


  1. Wow this sure gives us all “Some food for thought”

    Way to Go Brdie~I appreciate another who will speak their mind,not go away simply because the (Anonymous’s) come on, hide behind the computer screen repeatedly and tell us to go away.The thing is,we know who they are anyway.They want to cover it ALL UP, go on with every day life like nothing has changed!!
    Hi Cameron~Are you enjoying FMCC? Remember they will protect you at all times at school. They have security camera’s as well. You should be very safe @school. Pls be careful coming and going though pls??

    I know that all of Kelli’s friends and family have said she would NOT have ever,ever left her daughter & I believe that. I also believe she was/is a devoted Mother.
    But let’s think differently for one minute
    Please. Haven’t we all at one point or another in our lives said “I have had it with this life.I am out-ta here!” Maybe she did do just that. I hope she did! Although it’s not looking good,the longer time goes on.:(

    Also, I would like to tell you all that may not have heard about this new show on TV. On Monday nights on ID Discovery Channel. AT 10 pm, It is called “Disappeared” It about people who have gone MISSING.Documentary type show it has the actual families of the missing person on it. Sadly, I knew one of the families on one of the shows recently. But, I think anyone with a missing person in their life might get something out this program.

    Back to Kelli,I pray & pray & pray she is off,somewhere, starting a new life.
    I feel it would go against all I have been told about her,but stranger things have happen.Let’s just think positive for her!

    I will continue to do whatever I can from this end. That’s all we can do. Never ever let her be forgotten.I do not get how the people who lived in the same dang house with her,who were supposedly the closest to her,can go on as if nothing happen.That is what truly baffles me?

    Kal,You are right to ask for memories,keep her spirit alive here! Yet no-one gives you anything.Not a siblings,not an in-laws,a friend,her husband?? I don’t get it. But, we can’t give up,not for Kelli’s sake or more importantly her daughter.Kelli’s daughter deserves answers.

    Brdie I wish you were up here too. Thanks for the support from far away though.

    Sorry folks as usual I do tend to Ramble!
    Anonymous,not sorry for rambling to you,I am sure you have missed me. 🙂


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