Memories of Kelli

I would like to put together a video with  pictures, memories, messages and  thoughts about Kellisue.  A year has gone by and there is nothing new. Memories and images are all we have now.  Just knowing she has friends who care and remember is most important. Please email If  you would like to help.

If anyone has information or has seen Kellisue, please contact the Johnstown New York  Police Department (518) 736-4020


  1. I have been living in Gloversville for 3 months and I have not seen one sign for Kellisue up. Is she still missing?


  2. I was at the search and the turn out sucked. Why doesn’t Rite Aid want to help? If they are soliciting for help for Haiti how about one of their own that is missing?


  3. I went to Rite Aid after sending 5 letters to corporate with no reply, I even sent them certified so I know they were received. The 2 people I dealt with at Rite in Amsterdam paid for 2 cases of water out of their own pocket to donate towards her search. I asked if I could place a sign for her search on the door they said NO. I don’t get it? Even if Kellisue wasn’t a TOP employee she still on their pay roll and was employed their until the day she went missing they terminated her employment, very confusing that an employer,co-workers and customers wouldn’t offer more support or help. Rite Aid has been the silent factor in Kellisue’s case I feel this raises many questions. What were the days like for Kelli before she went missing? I also heard that she had some troubles with a male employee which led to her being moved to the Amsterdam store.


  4. Has anyone ever contacted Rite Aid to help? We are constantly helping others by soliciting donations, most recently Haiti victims. I am just amazed that when it comes to helping our own we lack compassion


  5. seems like no one cares about Kelli? Has her husband reached out? friends? or family? I never see support for her anywhere what the hell? If I lived in New york I would rally for her


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