Happy New Year

We will face the morning with stars in our eyes
Grateful for a New Year of wealth and surprise.
Through burdens and hardships, we’ve battled and won
To now find ourselves at the New Year begun
Away from the sorrow that time has removed
And ready to embrace the future improved
Our souls remain steadfast, our smiles remain bright
As we greet the New Year of glory with might
Regardless of the paths which led us to now
We stand here, united, with hope on our brow.
A New Year has beckoned and long may she roam
To bring us the blessing and solace of home
The foods on our table, so plenty and grand
And riches held dearly in each heart and hand
May your joys outnumber the days you feel lost
May your wishes be on angels’ wings embossed
So, your only struggles are those you forget
© 2008 – Jill Eisnaugle’s Poetry Collection
Unfortunately,  Kellisue is still a missing person. If anyone has information or has seen Kellisue, please contact the Johnstown New York  Police Department (518) 736-4020 or email
Kelli  is missed dearly. We hope the new year will bring the closure her family and friends need. Kelli if you are out there somewhere and come across this site, please make contact with someone so we know you are ok. At this point knowing you are ok, is most important.



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