Could Kellisue be in Northville NY?

kelli2 We received a tip this fall that Kellisue was seen in Northville New York last spring. If anyone lives in the Northville area keep an eye out for Kellisue. She is missed by so many. There will be a vigil on December 16, 2009 in Frog Hollow, Johnstown, New York.  We will post the details for the vigil as the date gets closer.northville


  1. When preparing to spend time with family and friends during this Holiday Season may you remember what it is to be alive and cherish each moment with them. Kelli please come home so we can have some closure. We love and miss you terribly


  2. Dear Brothers (Tom, Lonnie, Johnny, and sisters) of Kelli, my prayers are for your peace and that you may be led a clue, an idea, a thought, a lead, a leading to where and what happened to your sister. I feel so bad for all of you.
    To Kelli’s daughter and Jason, I just did not know you but that does not stop my thoughts and prayers to you also.
    I feel bad for all those involved. We may never know the answers now, but the Lord has the answers~He always knows~he knows the hairs on our head and the plans he has for us even before we were born, therefore, He does know what has happened and He will be the ultimate judge-no court system can even compare to His rath and judgement!


  3. In the midst of the this week and knowing it is Thanksgiving on Thursday, please be thankful for something in your life. If you knew of Kelli~remember the good times that you had with her. If you did not know her, then no comments should be made negatively. For me, I will continue to H O P E that she is safe and the the Lord is watching over her……and for her little girl.


  4. Kalley, this website is getting out of control again with rude comments, where are the positive and who is Kim and she keeps running her mouth like she knows something more than what she is saying. I lived in Northville for over 10 years and Kelli could not find her way up there she would get lost. People need to grow up.


  5. Why woudl anyone even believe she could be in Northville? She had to just took off and found a new life. You should just give up.


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