Thank you


We want to thank everyone for coming out to the vigil last night. There was a great turn out for Kellisue. We especially want to thank the media outlets that covered her story this week. It meant a lot to Kellisue’s family and friends. A year is just too long. Kellisue you are missed. We will continue to search for you. We will continue to pray. We will have another vigil on Kellisue’s Birthday. December 16, 2009. We ask everyone to hang a purple or white ribbon on their homes to remember Kellisue. There are links to the recent news stories and videos in the right column. ribb


  1. This is the one thing Kalley and I asked for all along is for the families to Unite for the sake of finding Kellisue. The time has come NOW more then ever.Will continue to keep both sides in my prayers.


  2. One more thing. I thank the media and those responsible for having them there! They allowed the COUNTRY to be able to see there is a missing woman out there that has been missing for a year and that the coverage allowed internet users to able to see and track along.

    People in other states will see the coverage and be on the look out for Kelli’s face. It allowed others that truly do care to follow along with this story. Thank you to the Media!


  3. Yes, I too want to thank everyone that was part of the vigil. I want to thank, as I have in the past, all the people that searched and pray for her and her family.

    I will continue to pray for her and her family. May the Lord keep peace in heart of men and may the eyes of the police department be openend in finding out whatever happened to her.

    For a woman that lost both of her parents at such a young age~that was not fair. Life itself is not fair. She’s a daughter that at times proboly could not deal with losing her parents-it is hard!

    In the end it is where we live that matters…. eternity….that is forever. We have to prayfully find purpose in this life and to help others………..and seek from our wicked ways. So, I prayfully again ask for any negativity to stop and to come together for a purpose……to help find her.

    And again, thank you for all those that tried to make a positive difference this past year in trying to help find her!


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