It has been a year

Kellisue’s Family will be holding a vigil for her.
Friday October 2 @ 7pm
The location will be: Frog Hollow
West Montgomery Street, Johnstown, New York 12095

If you are unable to attend, please put a purple or white ribbon on your home to remember Kelli. Thank you

We are thinking of you Kellisue… Many Love and Prayers


  1. No,Tiesha, they did not use both kinds of dogs initially..It is my understanding at the time of the initial search.. The JPD used drug dogs? and pls correct me if I am wrong any one?But that is what I recall reading. You can search this website,it is all here somewhere. At the search in June the correct dogs were used.
    I hope this has cleared it up for you.


  2. I’m so sorry to har about this tragedy, I didn’t realize Kellisue was missing, I just came across her astrology profile, and I left a message not knowing about her missing, My aopologies and sympathy o all members of her family, God Bless I hope Peace


  3. Dear SoSayDeb:

    Hi, I read that the dogs were out looking last year but I was curious if they were search and rescue dogs or cadavere dogs. Did both kinds come out and look. Did you have access to both kinds? It is my belief that each dog is trained for their specific job. I found someone that does searches near where I live and I am just wondering. I just read and reread these posts and articles on Kelli to try to reck my brain for an answer. I so pray that she is out there….safe…….and that she just lets someone know where she is. I pray for her siblings that they find peace. It is heartbreaking to watch her brother on the news…..he loves her and wants so much for an answer!


  4. To All~
    It has been a long sad year for Kellisue’s family. Sadly no one has any answers here. No more answers then last year on this very day. There have been so many accusations, stories, lies,but still no real answers to where is Kellisue. The one thing we all want to truly know the answer too. Does anyone really care if Jayson is getting married? Nope not hardly.
    I think the only thing that is a common denominator among us all here on this site is the one true goal of getting to the truth of Where is/What happen Kellisue M. Ackernecht on September 30, 2008?”
    Will we ever know the answer to that question??
    It seems to many that LE has given up. I refuse to believe that is the case. We,the public cannot let that happen. We have to continue to call them,to be in their faces all the time. It is the only way to keep them active on any case.
    If for NO ONE else then for a little girl named Ashley Ackernecht, who deserves someday to know her mother did NOT abandon her. She above all else deserves to know the truth.
    I will end with,I hope that as many people who have taken the time to post your opinions in various places over the past year will do your best to attend tonight’s VIGIL to support Kellisue’s side of the family & her friends. If you cannot attend,pls put up a ribbon in support to let the family/community & LE know you have not given up hope. Let them know you will not give up hope in seeking the answers for Kelli or for others that have gone missing.
    Thank you!


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