1. You need to stop telling lies about me and ruining my reputation. I care for Kellisue very much and vice versa. You do not know me at all. I never laid a hand on Kelly and neither did my brother. You are a sick indidviual. I do not have your number and do not want it. I tried to mind my own business, because of you and Kellisue’s family. Now if yo continue to trash me in public I will have to sue you for harrssement and whatever else I can think of. You ned to grown up and start acting your age. ANd none of you will get a hold of Ashely you will have to kill me first. I love my family very much and will continue to support my brother until the very end and for my personal life it is none of your business. STOP IT AND GROWN UP. I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL THIS NIGHTMARE IS OVER AND WE CAN FINALLLY HAVE PEACE. BITTER AND SISTER-ION-LAW


  2. Never did hear what the planned search came up with for leads – hope something. Was LE involved? What did the dogs do for work? Haven’t heard anything on Kellisue’s case lately.


  3. Makes me wonder if this is how Jayson got the community service job at Lexington, can this be possible? and since it is a family member they can leak through the cracks? What makes me sad is Kellisue does not seem to be cared about by anyone but a handful of people. Her own husband is now supposedly having a relationship with his own sister. Is this healthy for Kellisue’s little girl? I wish there was more that could be done. It is a helpless situation and I see that nothing more is going to be done or can be done. I tried to befriend Jayson and help him out only to get crapped on and an empty wallet. I spent every last bit of money I had that weekend of the search for items needed etc, I took from my own family and didn’t even get a thank you. Put miles on my car, and took time away from a child who was starting to get ill. What do I get harassing phone calls, threats and a lot of stress I did not need or do not need. I reached out to this family in a positive manner only to help out. I never thought it would of ended up this way. I can understand now why more of the community did not reach out. I hope that someday there will be closure. I doubt it. but we can hope. Jayson you are a selfish man, I was embarrassed at you and your family’s behavior during the spaghetti supper at Lombardo’s your drinking, not one picture of Kellisue where were the ribbons that were made? your Mom’s attack on Tom when he was there to support you and even paid for 2 dinners that he did not take. your “winning of the 50/50 raffle, you had no business putting your name in. Most of that raffle money came from Tom’s co workers, which I offered to refund before the supper because of the attacks on Tom, but Tom being the better person said leave the money there and go ahead and do the raffle. Your worrying that we would ask you for the money you made at the supper, sad thing is I live on a limited income with 3 children of my own one with Cancer, and I paid more out of my pocket than was made that night and didn’t ask you for one red cent. We made Ashley a beautiful Easter Basket, never even got a thank you card. Sad how people appreciate the ones who have reached out to help them. Just so everyone knows Jayson was at the vigil when we all agreed on a date for the search. He signed up to help and was supposed to. This was not a last minute thing he knew and had full knowledge of the date because he was part of choosing it. We all know he was helping his “SISTER”


  4. http://dpca.state.ny.us/fulton.htm

    Dawn Ackernecht, Administrator

    1 East Montgomery Street
    Johnstown, New York 12095
    (518) 762-7856 FAX (518) 762-4597

    Supervising Agency:

    Citizens in Community Service, Inc.
    Gerald McAuliffe, President, Bd. of Directors

    This program began operation in 1990. This project provides the criminal courts with sentencing alternatives through the use of community service for offenders with sentences of adjournment in contemplation of dismissal, conditional discharge or probation. Offenders are required to make reparation for their crimes through performance of community service. The project monitors compliance with release conditions. Project operations also include offender selection, worksite selection and oversight, court/probation notification activities, referrals to human services and management of accident/liability reports.


  5. All~
    check out:


    I don’t know who created this Blog site above, but I recently clicked on it from this website, it sure has alot of interesting information on it.
    Information about Jayson & Kellisue. I never knew Kellisue,but I sure wish I did.If she did run away God willing,I can’t say any longer that I blame her. Now that I have gotten to know the people that she lived with in that house.sorry Ben,not you. I think she was afraid every day of her life.Just the way I have heard them talk about her,I can only imagine the way they talked to & treated her.

    Kim,bitter sister in law, admittedly hit her,I have also heard from so many that Jayson did. Although that is only people talking. I can only imagine how badly they all made her feel about herself. I pray daily she ran off somewhere and who could hold that against her?
    And Donna the more I know,I am starting to agree with your comments you wrote as well!!You are also right,the truth will come out.It always does!

    Enjoy the website,its been around for while from the looks of it,I sure have!


  6. Jayson: You have to know that a majority of those who know about Kellisue being missing think that you had something to do with it.
    If you had chosen to speak up for her the day after she went missing, instead of waiting weeks to speak and then being more concerned for your burned up car than your wife;
    If you had chosen to be her major support in the newspaper forums, instead of badmouthing Kellisue and anyone who appeared to believe differently than you;
    If you had chosen to participate in any search for her,
    instead of staying inside the house or helping your sister move;
    If you had chosen to use the money from the spaghetti dinner to finance costs associated with her search, flyers, posters, reimbursement of expenses for those who organized the search, instead of no one seeing any money at all, unless you did as you spent it.
    If you had chosen to let your daughter know that mommy wanted to be home with her, but she could not, as something wrong had to have happened and that you would do anything to help find her, instead you did nothing.
    I do not know if you caused Kellisue’s disappearance.
    In my opinion, I think you did.
    Will the truth come out?
    Because you are unable to keep quiet.
    And murder leaves a stain.

    I do not know for a fact that you


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