1. This has never been handled has a criminal investigation, there are so very little details surrounding Kellisue, it is very sad and unfortunate that a small town has to wonder what happened to one of their own.


  2. What will it take for the local police to hand this over to the sheriff’s office or the state police?

    Has Jayson’s house even been searched?


  3. I used to babysit for kelli and johnie too.I have kept in touch with her as an adult,i find it very hard to believe that she would have disappeared on her own.I know how her little girl was her lifelline.Kelli if you can read this message please come home .


  4. This may be nothing but this morning I woke up and saw a repeat of the show “War on Women” on Headline News. One of the featured stories was woman who went missing in July of 08 in PA and whose body was never found. Her house was burned with her infant son in it, although it was determined he died sometime before the fire. However she was last seen a week before the fire. What struck me was not only the arson and no body of the woman found – her car was moved and backed into a parking space- her family said she would never have backed in. But the physical similarities of both Kelliesue and Joey, same age, moms, similar looks. While the inclination in both cases is to look to husband or boyfriend- it may well be worth taking a larger look at the world. Joey was known to befriend persons on the internet – did Kellisue do the same? It’s not too long a drive up 88 from PA.

    JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, HEADLINE NEWS ANCHOR: A fire broke out at a Pennsylvania home of 33-year-old single mom Joey Offutt in the early morning hours of July 12, 2007. When the smoke cleared, the remains of Offutt`s six-week-old-son were discovered in the burned ruins of the home and Offutt was missing.

    Her car found abandoned. Four days later, several miles away police now know that not only was Offutt missing from her home, but that nobody had seen or heard from her for several days before the fire. Authorities believe the fire was the work of an arsonist.

    Aft still missing at this hour and police suspect foul play. Of course, at this point there are few leads.

    Michelle Sigona from America`s Most Wanted has the details on this case. Michelle, this is just one of the thousands of cases of women who go missing under mysterious circumstances.

    MICHELLE SIGONA, AMERICA`S MOST WANTED: You`ve got that right Jane.


  5. seek outside help police are making excuses now they dont have the time to put into this after a certian amount of time they put it on the back burner its just the way the system is.and they have no glue.jayson knows alot more than he is letting on look closer.human nature women just dont dissapear on their own and if the do they will contact someone in their family shortly after.example a women dissapeared with an addiction she didnt want to be found but she did contact her family also she was not far from home.LOOK CLOSER!!!!!!


  6. what about a physic. if jpd is doing every thing then call some one in. this is a great idea to keep her in every ones mind


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