Today is Your Birthday


The past four years have gone by quick to think you were only 36 when this all began.

Today you turn 40 where have you been these past four years?

Your family misses you they celebrate hope and faith with tears in there eyes each September 30.

Your daughter misses you and wonders where her mom is ?

Strangers out pour their support each day waiting wondering and hoping you are okay.

Today is your birthday where could you be?

Love, joy, faith, hope, Happy Birthday Kellisue.

May the candles burn bright and our answers come soon.

 Light a Candle for Kellisue today

* Attention Fulton / Montgomery County NY Residents*

Have you seen this man in our community? Please take a good look at his face. If you have reason to believe you have seen this man or had contact with this man please contact the FBI or local law enforcement. Israel Keyes is a known serial killer who has links to the Adirondacks and was known to travel through our area over the years. 1-800-CALL-FBI. Israel Keyes committed suicide in an Alaska Prison, he is no longer a threat. We are trying to time line his life and the time he spent in New York State.

have u seen this guy keyes1


Israel Keyes Serial Killer and Kellisue is it possible?


The breaking news across the US this week has revolved around serial killer Israel Keyes. Is it possible that Kellisue could be one of his victims? From 9-24-08 till 10-24-08 the whereabouts of Israel Keyes is unknown.  Keyes owns  ten acres on Poplar Street in Constable NY since 1997. It has been determined that he visited that property and passed through NY state on his way to Maine. We  hope that authorities can uncover all the sinister crimes Keyes committed.  The pictures below are of Keyes please look at him closely do you recognize him? There are so many unsolved missing persons cases in NY especially in the year of 2008. In April 08 Keyes admitted to  robbing  a bank in Tupper Lake which he confessed to in an Alaska prison.  We may never find Kelli if she was a victim,  we must keep faith and hope alive that the answers will come so that Kelli’s family can have closure and move on especially her young daughter who is missing her mom a lot right now.

My thoughts Kelli had car trouble, hood up in the middle of Amsterdam 10pm, a good looking man comes along and offers her help he is charming and convincing, gets her car started and tells her that he will follow her home, Kelli naive and vulnerable agrees. Her car breaks down again in Frog Hollow he takes her, and burns her car. He may have planned to take her upon arrival at her house if her car made it there, I think he was so sly she could’ve pulled in the driveway and he would’ve taken her and not been spotted. Many will disagree with this, everyone convinced her husband is involved, but after a lot of thought, Israel Keyes should be considered a suspect.

Loss for words…

Where do we go from here? This question lingers in all of our minds. Can’t believe she’s was last seen four years ago, seems surreal. We’ve searched, put up posters, used social networking, we called in dogs, psychics, experts, media,  politicians, police, family, friends and strangers.  We will continue to remember Kelli and we ask if you know anything  please let the police know or use the anonymous tip line.